day-3 : When in Hồ Chí Minh

day-3 : When in Hồ Chí Minh

tuesday, 11 Aug, today was my aunt’s birthday! and my flight back to Xin Jia Po (新加坡) evening time. but before that, i still have some spare time to find my dad a gem stone.

after the driver dropped me and my friend at Bến Thành Market, we had our breakfast at one of the local restaurant called Quán Nam Giao. my friend ordered a soupy rice and i ordered a baby clam porridge. the porridge tastes so strong! i’ve never had any porridge with such strong taste before. so i had to put extra soy sauce to blend the taste. but still–i think the street food chicken porridge from my home country still the best. (*¯︶¯*)




anyway, we strolled around the market and bargained one of the gem stone we found. the seller said it was topaz. but the price was quite cheap compare to other stores. i’m not sure which store sells the original and imitation, and the certificate was only printed on a piece of paper–and anyone could print that! so i decided to buy the cheapest topaz. and if i got fooled, at least they tricked me at the cheapest price! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

satisfied with the stone i bought, we went for our early lunch at Phở Hòa Restaurant at Pasteur. the noodle soup tasted nothing special and just same as any phở i could find in singapore. my friend said this is the most famous phở restaurant in saigon. the restaurant has been there since more than 40 years ago and always busy all the time. but i have lost my appetite from the moment i stepped into the restaurant. the cow heads hanging on the wall was watching me while i was chewing their meats. aaaand yes! i found char kway (youtiao) here!! 8(*≧ω≦*)8


after lunch, we decided to go back to apartment before the airport. we were sooo sleepy. but glad i had enough time to recharge myself at the sofa before another few hours on the plane. and oh, i gained 3kgs!!!! no wonder i feel like my stomach was going to explode!! ok. no elevator for a month! (・`ω´・)9

so here are the thins i bought from my holiday. you can see the hao hao instant noodle i told you about. the vinamit was the famous teabits i knew from my colleague. some other snacks and teabits i already gave to colleagues and friends and forgot to take picture.



bye bye Vietnam! it was really nice to meet you! and i don’t mind going back there for another holiday.

big thanksssss to ciMeL and her husband and mr. Dadam the driver! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

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