about my blog address….

about my blog address….

dear my lovely readers,

My blog address has been changed many times. As you might found out from older pictures I posted here, my previous blog address was “negrisinga”. Then I realized that I didn’t talk only about one particular country in this blog, so might as well to change my address. I chose “pikuta” because it sounds cute in my ear. Then after few months I get bored of it and now changed to “purisu”.

“Purisu” was Japanese from English nickname “Pris”, which is shortened from my real name. So I think it would be nice to stick with my original name. But to be honest, I don’t know how long I will keep this blog address. My blog address keep on changing, please bear with it.

Anyhow, rose will still be beautiful with any names, right?

Happy reading and thank you for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy my writings. And please leave some comments! 😉



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