day-0: When in Bangkok [all rushed but well organized]

day-0: When in Bangkok [all rushed but well organized]

so i had this plan to travel together to Thailand with a friend since last year, but due to some reasons, she canceled it just a day after i booked my flight and hotel. i asked around my friends and everyone already got their own plans for their long weekend. because i didn’t have anyone who wants to travel with me, i didn’t have a boyfriend and i didn’t have plan-b, mom thought i should stay at home, wallow in my room and swipe on tinder. well not literally, but she thinks a girl should not travel alone. period. (`ー´)

i’m an obidient girl. i listen to mom even though we live 1000 miles apart. well at least for about one month. ╮(︶︿︶)╭

it was on monday morning, just three days before the day i supposed to go with my friend, my rebellious side kicked in. all my gut was telling me to go anyway. and so it was decided. i spent whole monday in the office to recheck my itinerary. i rebooked the same hotel on monday night. then on tuesday i finished up my final itinerary then booked local tours so i can enjoy the elephant riding. on wednesday i met my new boss who apparently has been stayed in bangkok for nine years. he told me about where should i go and where i should not go. some very important tips for a solo traveller like me, which I will tell you on my stories later. then on wednesday night i bought some necessary stuffs that i’ll bring along with me, packed my stuffs and ready to go. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

i didn’t tell my mom–obviously. but based on “i shouldn’t be alive” tv series i watched, i know i have to tell at least someone or two to let me know where i’m going, with whom i go, and when i supposed to return. so i informed all my colleagues about my solo travel.


and so here’s the story… ( ・ω・)☞

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