day-2: When in Bangkok [Nature day]

day-2: When in Bangkok [Nature day]

day-2, Friday 9 September 2016, sunny day! YAY!!!

The main reason I finally didn’t cancel my Thai trip was to enjoy elephant riding. So I needed help from someone local to take me there, since those elephant farm were all located outside Bangkok and it won’t be easy to reach there by myself. I’ve been looked some local tour guides around Bangkok who offer a day trip to enjoy elephant riding, and finally I chose one local tour, despites knowing any reputation of this tour agency. This is their web; it looks confincing enough for me, so I immediately paid online, printed out all the required voucher and all settled two days before my holiday started. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

I was ready and waiting at the lobby before 6:30 AM, since they said they will pick me up at 6:30 in the morning. I already had my melon cake I bough yesterday from Neil’s Tavern, and patiently waiting. On the voucher I already printed out, they said I can give them a call if they late for more than 15 minutes. So after 30 minutes no news from the tour guide, I did call them with a help from the hotel staff. The tour guide finally picked me up at 7:30 AM. I must note that the traffic jam in Bangkok is quite horrible same as Jakarta, so one hour late consider fine. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

I was the last person they picked up from hotel. The rest of the group was 5 Japanese girls and 1 Dutch men who married with one of the Japanese girls. So please note, being late for 1 hour is consider ‘normal’ in Bangkok, considering their horrible traffic jam. Be patient with that. ┐(︶▽︶)┌




The cake pictures above were my breakfast from yesterday Tavern’s. There were 2 tour guides on our group. One tour guide speaks Thai and Japanese, the other one can speak Thai, English and a little bit of Bahasa.

Our first stop was the wet market around Nakorn Nayok province. I think it was about 9:30 when we arrived at the wet market. The wet market was nothing special for someone who came from a tropical country like me. All those colorful fruits and veggies, sweets and flowers are wellknown in my country. After just a short walk at the wet market, we continued the journey to ride the ox. ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ

Second stop was the ox-riding. I was expecting sitting on a wooden cart pulled by an ox or two. But instead, I got that rare chance to sit at the ox driver seat! I immediately grabbed the chance and I got thrilled spending about 20 minutes journey riding the two oxes! The real ox driver was walking next to our cart by foot, because the oxes were walking super slow. Now I understand the old phrase we used in my home country “don’t be slow like an ox!“. No matter how loud I shoutted to the oxes to walk faster, it still not gonna happened. The real ox-driver told me to whip the white ox, the younger one who walked much slower than her colleague, the brown ox. So I whipped her many times (I still feel guilty for this)’: but it didn’t make much different! Now I understand the second phrase “you have such an ox skin!“, meaning when you hurt yourself but you didn’t feel any pain. So no matter how hard I whipped the white ox, she didn’t feel any pain at all. Anyhow, it was exciting, or might I say, OXciting experience I’ve ever had! (╯✧▽✧)╯






After the ox-riding, we hopped back in to our minivan and continued our journey to Khao Yai National Park to see waterfall. It was about 1km walk from the entrance to the best view of the waterfall. But I didn’t go there. I managed to go for about 800m, then I decided to just sit down there at a wooden gazebo full of ants and centipedes. The next 200m was a slippery rock going downhill to the bottom of the waterfall with bushes and nothing much to see, except for the waterfall they claimed Leonardo di Caprio jumped there for a movie shot. I gave up. I saw quite a lot of waterfalls in my homecountry anyways. (o˘◡˘o)

We didn’t need to pay anything because the entrance fee already included this trip fee alltogether.






From the National Park, we had lunch at Jungle House, a local restaurant in a remote area (picture above!) 乁( • ω •乁)

Our next stop was the elephant riding! This was the main reason why I finally didn’t cancel my plan! The elephant park wasn’t that big. And I only saw 2 elephants going round the park carrying three to four passangers on their back. Around the park there were rabbit farm and chicken farm. About the elephant riding? It was SUPER COOL as I expected! The rider allowed us to sit at the elephant’s neck while he walked around the elephant taking pictures for us. And the elephant was basically autopilot, so no need to worry how to control it, as long as you got the balance to sit tight on her neck without any savety belt. ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

I love this elephant park because there was no elephant show. You know, that kind of show they tortured elephant baby so when they grew up they can do dance or painting or other tricks. It’s very sickening to see. But not in this park, we only allow to sit on the autopilot tame-elephant going around the park and do some selfies with the bunnies or chickens or sit on the swing bench. (*¯︶¯*)





It was a super fun tour on a sunny day! \(*´▽`*)/

I paid 3000B for this local tour I got from Asia-Discovery. It’s about 170$, not cheap. But considering we travelled 2 hours outside Bangkok, it was whole day guided tour, with provided lunch and water bottles, for me it was worth the price. The only bad thing about this local tour was, they didn’t drop us back to our hotels as they stated on their websites and voucher I printed out. Their excuse was because the traffic jam to the hotel was very bad. But wait a minute. Traffic jam in Bangkok is always bad, everyday! So they supposed to expect that before they set the price, didn’t they! I feel like I supposed to paid about 160$ max because they dropped me at Victory Monument BTS Station and I still had to take the train and taxi to the hotel. (;⌣̀_⌣́)

But not to be pouting here–I drove ox! You may drive mustang, jaguar cougar, or whatever, but I drive ox! <(*¯︶¯*)>

That was super fun. Super OXciting!!!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

Let’s continue to day-3!




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