day-3: When in Bangkok [Grand Palace and Temple, Terminal-21]

day-3: When in Bangkok [Grand Palace and Temple, Terminal-21]

day-3, Saturday 10 September 2016, another sunny day!!

From the same Asia-Discovery website this time I booked another half-day tour around the city for 980B. This time they brought me to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple just next to the Palace. I was having my breakfast at the lobby hotel when they finally picked me up 1 hour later than what stated on the voucher I printed out. And once again, I was the last one to be picked up from my hotel. ( ̄ω ̄)




There was one agitated lady who said she was waiting for quite too long this shuttle was too slow, picking up one guest by one guest from one hotel to another hotel and it was running late for her. So my advise if you are this kind of person who came from a big city, probably not used to the traffic jam in a developing country, you may want to ask special request when you booked the tour, like “please pick me last from my hotel, because I’m a very impatient person.” So everyone will understand you. (¬_¬;)

Anywho, get back with my story. The first stop was The Grand Palace (พระบรมมหาราชวัง). It was as grand as it sounds! A huge area surrounded by beautiful vernacular building in golden color. Trully magnificent! I literally took more than 100 pictures during this half day tour! Like every corner I could take tons of selfies, then 5 degree from that point of view I could take a lot more selfies. Beautiful and Grand! This beautiful place melts our tensions between me and that grumpy California lady. (o´∀`o)








The Grand Palace (Thai: พระบรมมหาราชวัง, rtgsPhra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang) is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The construction of the Grand Palace began on 6 April 1782, at the order of King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke (Rama I). The layout of the Grand Palace followed that of the Royal Palace at Ayutthaya in location, organization, and in the divisions of separate courts, walls, gates and forts. The Grand Palace is divided into four main courts, separated by numerous walls and gates: the Outer Court, the Middle Court, the Inner Court and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Each of these court’s functions and access are clearly defined by laws and traditions. The Outer Court is situated on the northwestern part of the Grand Palace; within are the royal offices and (formerly) state ministries. To the northeast is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the royal chapel and home of the Emerald Buddha. The Middle Court housed the most important state apartments and ceremonial throne halls of the king. The Inner Court, situated at the most southern end of the complex, was reserved only for females, as it housed the king’s harem.

It was Saturday morning when we arrived at the palace, I believe it was above 32°C at 10AM in the morning. The white gate already packed with tourists, and I could recognised most of them were from Mainland China. We walked in a group. But as usual, I always be the one who wandered a bit too far from the group, alone. Lucky I made a friend with a Bangladeshi guy. He was having a business trip, and today was his off day so he can joined the tour and also wandering alone. So we exchanged phone and help selfies with each others. ヽ(o^―^o)ノ

And oh! Just outside the Palace, when we walked to the temple, there was a pick-up car selling cold milk! It was just nice to drink a bottle of cold milk during this sunny day. Only I forgot to take a pic! (>﹏<’!)





From the Palace the tour dropped us to a Gem National Manufacturer. My colleague already warned me about the Gem store in Bangkok; most of them are scam! I managed to look around, found some nice jewelries but I didn’t have any intention to buy anything. For me personaly, this store is not a scam, but they marked up the price way up too high and it became ridiculous for my salary and limited holiday budget. They didn’t allow us to take pictures inside the store, so I didn’t. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

After the Gem store we all separated based on our next destination. For me, I asked the driver to dropped me at Terminal21, since all my friends and colleagues always talk about this one particular shopping mall. (✧ω✧)






Terminal 21 (Thai: เทอร์มินัล 21) is a mixed-use complex on Sukhumvit Road, near the Asoke intersection, in Bangkok, Thailand. It opened in October 2011. Terminal 21 is a one floor one theme shopping mall. The concept is market streets of the world. It is decorated based on well-known streets in cities such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul. This mall has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 metres.

The first thing I could remember about this shopping mall is the luxurious lavatory! All those mirrors and fountain and marbles, everything looked so expensive! Too bad I didn’t take any pictures here. (ノ_<。)

I initially wanted to go Mr. Jones’ Orphanage Cafe, but since it was already passed lunch time and I was starving and the cafe didn’t sell main course, so I decided to just take some pictures of the cafe and the teddy bear, then I went to another cafe with cute decorations just accross this cafe. Apparently the whole interior of this Reflections café was very nice. I ordered some food, and all was nice. Thai Ice Tea also superb. But my favorite was the pork meatball. ♡ ~(‘▽^人)





I found some cute bath soaps from one of the retailer, and decided to buy 10 of them as souvenirs for my friends and colleagues. All was smell really nice and looked so cute! I had difficulties to choose one for myself. (/▽\*)。o○♡

It was only 5PM, and I was too tired and had too much fun. But it was too soon to end the day, so I walked from Chong Nonsi Station, took picture of Mahanakhon–too bad the skycrapper was still under construction. I decided to headed Library Cafe, only 200m away from my hotel. The cafe was quiet and comfy, with just nice wifi connection. I ordered a fried sandwich with pork inside, but it was too oily for me. The cafe closed at 6PM, so I had to make a move soon. I went to 7/11 to find a bag of cheesy lays, posted my post card to my dad, then back to hotel.





So that’s it for today!
Tomorrow is Sunday, and you know what that means!!! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

see ya!


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