day-6: When in Bangkok [going back SG]

day-6: When in Bangkok [going back SG]

day-6, Tuesday 13 September 2016, sunny!!

Let’s just talk for few more paragraphs here and make it short. About the 6th day in Bangkok, the day my flight back to SG. I went to MBK in the morning and was lured by this “free thai ice tea for foreigners, just show us your passport”. So I dragged my bag to the 5th floor to get this free drink. Surprisingly, the place was in the middle of food court, and it was an exclusive area where you can only get inside if you’re a foreigner. Inside this exclusive area there were a lot of international food stalls you can name it; all over europe and asia. The food was expensive and not-so delicious, but I got the free thai ice tea I was aimed at. And it wasn’t superb either. Please note, foreigner, all those free stuffs will not always lead you to a cheap and smart decision. You can always try other local food outside instead of this exclusive area. (!҂ `з´ )

I only got 1 hour at this shopping mall, which was another thing I regret. This was a huge shopping mall with reasonable price for nice clothes and bargain. Too bad I didn’t have much time as I must rush back to airport. (ノ_<。)

Here are some randoms pictures I have left on my phone…







So I hailed a taxi from the taxi queue. I remember I already asked the taxi driver to turn on the argo, but I yes, I didn’t see the driver turned it on. And finally when we arrived at the airport, apparently he never turned on the argo and he asked me to pay him 600B. I believe if he turned on the argo, it would only charge me less than 300B. But I didn’t want to argue with him. I acted slowly, let him put down my bag to the sidewalk, and once I was sure my bag was safe and I could open the taxi door now, I grabbed 300B from my bag and gave it to him saying, “I think 300B is enough for you.” He couldn’t say much as I walked away from him with my bags. I remember he just quietly nodded and knew he failed to fool a young girl. 凸(`△´#)

Oh well, so that was my almost-got taxi scammed in Bangkok. Based on my personal experience, only taxis from and to airport who dare to do this to tourist. But I know I was so lucky so far, no bad luck happened to me even I didn’t tell me mom I was in Bangkok alone. This remind me the last time I went to Osaka alone, I almost died on the plane. But not this Bangkok! I had so much fun and I don’t mind to go back Bangkok next time, spend more time at Asiatique, MBK, cat cafe, temple tours, have thai massage and tom yam soup at Silom Complex. (*¯ ³¯*)♡





Let me show you how to buy e-ticket at BTS Station Bangkok. On the fare information board, you have to check the fare from your current station to your destination station. Go to the second board. There are only 10 options of fares anyway (1). After you know the fare, put your coins inside the ticketing machine (2). If you don’t have coins, you can exchange your paper money at the information center nearby. The e-ticket will come out once you put the correct fare (3).  Don’t forget to take the change if any (4).

The ticketing machine is easy to use, it is written in Thai and English. And don’t forget to always queuing! Apparently Thai people are good at queuing.

See ya on my next holiday!!!
PS. next will be on December with mum! ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡


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