Movie Review: The Little House (小さいおうち, Chiisai Ouchi)

Movie Review: The Little House (小さいおうち, Chiisai Ouchi)

This is a simple yet complicated non-romantic J-drama I randomly found from viki. The movie is about a woman who looks back on her family’s life in Tokyo before and during world war II, between 1930s and 1940s, which based on novel “Chiisai Ouchi” by Kyoko Nakajima (published May, 2010 by Bungeishunjū Ltd.). This novel is the 2010 winner of the Naoki Prize.

The story goes like this;

Prior to World War II, in a little house with a red triangular roof in Tokyo, Taki works as a housemaid. The family that lives in the little house consists of 3 members: the husband who works at a toy company, his beautiful wife Tokiko and their five year old son Kyoichi. Taki longs for her employer Tokiko. The husband then hires a young art school graduate named Shoji Itakura. Tokiko and Taki are both excited by the man’s artistic talents. Meanwhile, the war situation deteriorates as well as the relationships in the little house.

This is 2014 movie with 87% score from rotten tomatoes and 7.3/10 from imdb. For me this movie deserves 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 out of 5.


What I like about this movie was the ordinary yet catchy story line which tells about a daily life in an old Japan – the woman were still wearing yukata in a wooden house with tatami and shōji door. The woman were very polite, the maid was very loyal and respectful to her master.

This is that kind of historical yet simple movie you could enjoy during a lazy weekend on a rainy days where you have no where to go and your couch was simply too comfy. Sadly I couldn’t find the full movie on YouTube. However please “Click More” to enjoy the trailer;

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