What to Expect and What NOT to Expect from Sand Bath Onsen

What to Expect and What NOT to Expect from Sand Bath Onsen

You probably already heard about onsen. A natural / human-made pond with hot water famous in Japan, where we could soak ourselves naked with strangers in the same pond. But have you ever heard about SAND Bath Onsen?

I guess not many people heard about sand bath onsen. Especially those who are not from Japan.

I heard sand bath onsen during my research while I was planning my itinerary for my Japan trip, June 2017. I found one of the sand bath onsen in Beppu, only 2.5 hours away from Fukuoka. This interesting sand bath apparently has some good side-effect for our body. The sauna effect from burying yourself in a sand will make your body temperature higher and excrete poisonous toxins by sweating.

And after I tried this onsen at Beppu, now here I am going to show you what to expect and what not to expect from sand bath based on my personal experience! Click “Read More” and check out yourself!

What to Expect What NOT to Expect
It is not so famous onsen compare to other typical hot water onsen It will be quiet and not so much guests
Easy to check in The staffs speak in English
Simple yukata and small towel The staff remember to offer you the towel
A locker room  ¥100 to keep your bag, clothes, jewelries and other things you need to take off The locker easy to operate
Small changing room Private changing room
Outdoor onsen for both males and females Rain on your head — no, it was outdoor but there was roof above us!
Bury yourself in the black sand Dry / brownish sand like those in the beach
Unpredictable weather (it was drizzling and foggy when I went there!) Beautiful beach view
The staff will help to dig and bury you in the sand Time to make a sand castle!
Clean sand Greeted by worms and ants
Heavy and warm sand Burried alive
Under the sand, it gets warmer and warmer, then hotter and hotter after 5 minutes The staff will put a fan for you
After 10 minutes your body starting to relax and more sleepy The staff will remember you were still buried there after 15 minutes
The sand will get under your yukata, nails and hair Nail arts / nail polish still intact and cute
Warm shower Zombie looks to the bus stop
Indoor water onsen Huge, super clean, foggy onsen
Body will feel more relax and lighter after the sand bath The cold weather outside will help you to cool down the temperature
After sauna looks かわいい looks — unless you are a local who knows how to put make up on in 5 seconds


*me and ciMel after-sauna looks!*

That’s it folks.

If you want to know how to get there, please check out my previous post here 👈

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