Northern Java Train Journey πŸšžπŸšƒπŸšƒ

Northern Java Train Journey πŸšžπŸšƒπŸšƒ

So let me take you to the island of Java…

But before that, since I’ve been taking the same journey for the past 7 years or more, I had to put my ‘tourist google’ on to blog about it. Important tips from me when you are taking the northern java train journey; keep your view to your eye-level and above. (」°ロ°)」

The northern railway takes you from Jakarta all the way to Surabaya in about 9 to 12 hours – depends on what train you are taking. Start the journey from Gambir Station, Jakarta, then I went to the east side of the island. Even though we could see on Google map this railway was on the northern beach of Java island unfortunately the train does not run close enough to have the beach view. If you took morning train, I will recommend you to take A and B seats, where you can enjoy the beautiful Mount Slamet or in Java, it means Safe Mountain.

Gambir Station nowadays has improved a lot than before. They have lounge, starbuck, dunkin’ donuts, some local restaurants as well as convenient stores. Even buying tickets is faster with online bookings then we can just print the boarding pass with the booking reference number on the self-ticketing machine at the station, just like we do at the airport. They call the self-ticketing machine asΒ  CTM (Cetak Tiket Mandiri). ヽ(°〇°)οΎ‰

that big polkadots suitcase is mine!!

The Train — Google’s proprietary.

Jatinegara Station.

The CTM Machine — Google’s proprietary.


Inside the train…

Each seat comes with a little blue cushion wrapped in a plastic bag–it is a proof that they did laundry them. A little side table to put our cups and drinks next to the window with two electric sockets to charge phones, small plastic bag just in case someone had motion sickness, a little footrest where you can adjust and a hidden small table below the arm rest! Ξ£(Β°γƒ­Β°)

me checking out my boarding pass.

the steward and stewardess come around 11AM to make sure no one gets straving on board.

We are allowed to bring our own food and drink from outside. Mom cooked me warm coconut rice comes with fish cakes and tempeh.


How I kill the time…

The train going from Jakarta to my hometown is about 5 hours. If you’re a heavy sleeper you can go ahead and sleep all the way. I won’t recomment reading a book because the train jorney was quite bumpy. So this is the game I play to kill the time.

🌴🌴🌴 Game #1. Banana Tree Counting. 🌴🌴🌴 This is the game I invented but I haven’t found a travel mate who wants to play with me.

οƒΌ Good eye-sight
οƒΌ Good counting skill
οƒΌ Good estimating skill
οƒΌ Two player or more

How to play:

While Player-A goes to sleep, Player-B start counting the banana trees from the window seat. After few hundred trees Player-B’ eyes will get tired and need to rest – believe me! Before go to rest, Player-B write down the banana trees he count on a piece of paper and keep it to himself. So Player-B now have to rest the eyes, and Player-A shift to count the banana trees. Player-A must write down the banana trees amount on a piece of paper and keep it to himself before he go to sleep and now Player-B shift to count the banana trees again. This must be repeat several times in an even shift. By the end of the game, Player-A must substract Player-B’ banana trees, and Player-B must add on Player-A’ banana trees. Since Player-B took the first shift, if the count ends in positive result Player-B wins the game. If it is negative Player-A wins.

Shift 1 Player-B (+317 🌴)
Shift 2 Player-A (-288 🌴)
Shift 3 Player-B (+212 🌴)
Shift 4 Player-A (-265 🌴)
Shift 5 Player-B (+302 🌴)
Shift 6 Player-A (-348 🌴)
Banana trees by the end of the game : -70🌴. Player-A wins.

How it works: If you want to win the game you must able to hold back your sleepiness. If you just want to sleep you will have to let the other player to win the game.

are you ready to count banana trees?


😴😴😴 Game #2. Lazy-Eyes. 😴😴😴 This is my brother’s favorite game.

οƒΌ Small cushion with or without the plastic bag
οƒΌ Snoring skill
οƒΌ Single player or more

How to play: Hug the cushion then close your eyes, start snoring!

How it works: It works.


πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹ Game #3. Potato Chips-ing. πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹Β  This one is my favorite.

οƒΌ Potato chips
οƒΌ Chips-eating skill
οƒΌ Day-dreaming skill
οƒΌ Single player or more

How to play: Have the window seat. Open your potato chip’ bags. Eat the chips and start day-dreaming.

How it works: The number of the potato chip’ bags will determine how long the game will last.

me playing my favorite game.


And that’s it.

That is how I usually kill the time from Jakarta to my hometown or vice versa, without the internet connection on my phone, no phone games – I only play The Sims on the computer, no books – reading a book on a moving train or car is not good for eyes – and no music plugged on my ears. I had plenty of time to appreciate what I have, things that I learned and made me grow, my hope, wishes and dreams, my imaginary novel stories, and so on. (γ£Λ˜Ο‰Λ˜Ο‚ )

Let me know if you have any other idea to kill the time during the train journey!

Now, please enjoy some of the scenery I snapped with my Sony Xperia-X. β˜† ~(‘β–½^δΊΊ)








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