KTM Resort Review – BATAM! ⛵

KTM Resort Review – BATAM! ⛵

This is supposed to be my weekend getaway story. But since I spent most of my time at this resort, so I might give review to this resort instead. So out of 5 frogs, I give this resort 4 frogs!!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸

Why didn’t I give 5 frogs? The last frog is for their improvement! Water sport are not always available (depends on the wind, quite pricey and have minimum persons to go). Very far from anywhere (although they have shuttle to Nagoya). Spa service as expensive as in SG (I wish they have cold tub instead of hot tub!).  Fishing deck only for squid–I want fish fishing, not squid-ding?!! ☆o(><;)○


The first thing I didn’t know then but I know now; there is free shuttle from and to Sekupang Ferry Terminal. The shuttle will always be there and ready to pick up or drop off KTM guests for every 30 minutes. This resort also has another shuttle to go Nagoya Hill shopping mall with a charge of IDR50k (or equal to S$5) with special arrange from the lobby. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The first day I arrived with my friend was on Friday. It wasn’t a public holiday, so the resort was quite empty. And TBH, I told Mia (my buddy trip this time) that I don’t feel safe with this resort being so quiet. We could only saw no more than 20 people around the resort. The first night aircon wasn’t working properly and was so noisy. I got up every 20 minutes to press any button on my aircon remote to make it cooler but it just didn’t work. But both of us finally fell asleep after midnight. We were so tired and had no other choice other than falling asleep with this noisy and hot aircon blowing to our face. (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)

The next day, Saturday morning was much better. We saw more people on the breakfast area. And the breakfast choice was quite a lot. The porridge wasn’t the best, but I still recommended it to Mia and she loves it. Omelette stand was on queue like always, but they have interesting stall with fried banana or fried sweet potato as their local dish. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

That Saturday we didn’t go anywhere. We decided to just enjoy the resort and relax, swang at the hammock, had a nap, watched tv, watched the rain, walked around the resort, took a lot of pictures, and swam at night–I forgot to take picture of the pool! The pool wasn’t big, but it has big floating thingy where we can play around and ride on it. |ʘ‿ʘ)╯

The Room — We stayed at seafront villa. It was just fit for a queen bed and super cramped. There was bathroom attached and it looked like it has just been renovated. But if you’re an architect or studied architecture you will notice a lot things done wrongly in this bathroom design. The balcony was shared with our neighbor which fortunately we never met them! So we had it our own. And the balcony offered a fantastic view of the beach, facing Singapore! We could see Marina Bay Sands if it wasn’t cloudy. From this balcony we could also see a lot of things the resort offered: pool, the beach, the hammock area, spa area, children playground, ombak bar and the restaurant.

The Restaurant — wasn’t so clean but it was okay. There was a small stage for a live band-which they didn’t have during our stays. There were too many small birds coming to the table to enjoy the feast as well. But the seafood was fresh and wasn’t so bad. Price wasn’t cheap, but it was better compare to a seafood restaurant we had at Harbourbay, named Wey W*y (PLEASE DO NOT GO TO W*Y WEY IT’S A TOURIST TRAP! NEVER EVER!!!). At this resort restaurant, we had 4ounce Chilli Crab for IDR200k, Fu Yung Hai IDR30k, Garlic Fried Chicken IDR50k, Steamed Gong Gong IDR40k and fresh coconut IDR40k. All fresh and reasonable price.

The Ombak Bar — they have lobster! But unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood to eat lobster by the time I found it on Saturday night. In the end I ordered Panna Colada and it was acceptable price for a IDR125k. Mia ordered a fresh juice for IDR85k.

Wifi — very strong.

Pool — small but clean.

Staffs — all friendly and helpful!

Transportation — free to and from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, IDR50k per person for 2 ways to go Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Other Facilities — paintball, archery, water sports: banana boats, water skii, floating thingy pulled by a motor boat — we didn’t try and we didn’t see anyone playing except for that floating thingy pulled by a motor boat which was seemed not for ladies.

That’s it. And please enjoy below some pictures taken by me or Mia.

Please respect the ownership! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶


            our ferry ticket I bought from Indonesian forum for a cheaper price 💓
                                          this was the lovely view from our balcony!! 💖
                                      our first wefie at the resort–our balcony! 🖤🖤
                               this is our seafront villa. super small but it has fridge!
                                   the row of villas… ours was the second from left!
                                         the pool — source: KTM official website
                                                                    hammocks area!
                                        me trying out the hammock… it was swingy! 💞
                                      me contemplating the necessity of fishing the squid.
                                 me at the gazebo gazing at Singapore shore from afar.
                                               us lunchie at the restaurant. 💚
                                                      food! Oh glorious fooooood ❣
                                          girls just wanna have fun!!! 💋💋
                                                               me grazing. 💜


Oh meanwhile in Batam; there was a recommended massage place at Nagoya Hill named ESKA. We tried javanese 60 minutes full body massage for IDR170k (with Ms. Lay Lay). And because we satisfied with the massage, we continued with their package: hair spa + manicure + pedicure for IDR400k. I don’t have picture, but the place was quiet, convenient, family friendly, reasonable price (much cheaper compare to SG!) and clean. But when you go to this kind of place in Indonesia, please to remember to give them tips minimum IDR20k or equal to S$2.00. ( ̄ω ̄)

And while you’re in Batam, you must try their recommended local dish: Garlic Fried Chicken and Steamed Gong Gong. We tried both at KTM restaurant, wasn’t expensive and taste not bad. (っ˘ω˘ς )


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