Day-10: When in Chengdu [Jinli and Anshun] 🌉

Day-10: When in Chengdu [Jinli and Anshun] 🌉

Friday, 21st September 2018,

Arrived back in Chengdu around 2PM, we dropped our luggage in hotel, took free shuttle from hotel to T1 Airport Metro Station, and off we go. I was in charged for this 2 free-&-easy days, and I haven’t got the note that: leading 10+ people for free and easy was not an easy task! (」><)」

My initial plan was to visit WuHou Memorial Temple at first, but apparently all of us was quite full with temples and none of us want to pay 60RMB to get in to the temple, so we decided skip this shrine and went straight for our late lunch at Jinli Street.

One of the most well known and trafficked tourist areas in Chengdu, Jinli is an “ancient” pedestrian street housing dozens of food and gift vendors along an ever-expanding network of alleys. Located directly next to the Wuhou Temple and just down the street from Chengdu’s Tibetan Quarter, it is a beautiful place to visit after dusk, as the area is illuminated by traditional Chinese lanterns which lend a romantic atmosphere to wooden buildings which line Jinli’s alleys.

How to get to Jinli Street: we took free shuttle from our hotel to T1 ShuangLiu International Airport Subway Station 双流机场1航站楼. From there, we took Line 10 (blue) all the way to Taipingyuan Station 太平园. We then changed to Line 3 (red) and alighted after two stops at Gaoshengqiao Station 高升桥, and took exit-D, near watsons and kfc. From there we walked up to north to the Temple of Marquis or WuHou Memorial Temple. We passed the temple entrance and walked further north to find the Jinli free entrance.

                                                 this is the free entrance to Jinli


As expected, it was super crowded at Jinli Street when we arrived there. It was most probably because Mid-Autumn Festival was around the corner.

We passed by all the stalls and walked all the way to find the restaurant called Jin Li Wei Dao because all of us wanted to try shenzhen’s style of dan dan mian. (# ̄0 ̄)

I couldn’t finished my noodle. The spiciness was like something I consider as beyond human level. (# ̄ω ̄)

After the food, we were not in the mood to go back that crowded street. Our next destination was Anshun Bridge. According to my itinerary we supposed to take bus or taxi to get there… But some of us wanted to stroll around the neighborhood instead. (;⌣̀_⌣́)

It wasn’t a good idea. With our pace (and two elderly couples walking with us) it would take more than an hour to get to the bridge. Finally one third along our way I had to make decision and convince everyone to take the bus anyway. Then it happened when the bus driver suddenly hit the brakes twice and caused me lost my grip, fell down on the bus’ floor and got a long bruises.

                                                              i took this shot! ME!!!


It was already 8PM when we finally arrived at Anshun Bridge, the sun has set and the lighting were all lit. The bridge was so beautiful as expected and I was so happy because everyone was satisfied with my itinerary today. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

The Anshun Bridge is located over the Jinjiang River in the southeast of downtown Chengdu. Meaning “peaceful and propitious”, it dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). With a spectacular view, particularly at night when the banks are lit, the veranda bridge houses a restaurant spanning the river and it is a popular eating location in the city. [source:]

Now here’s Chengdu Subway Map (valid as per Sep 2018) for your reference. Turned out there are English translation everywhere, so it was easy to follow the map. If this map was not helpful enough for you, then try their official website here;



Tomorrow we are going to see the cute black and white animal from China, a fat and lazy vegetarian. o(≧▽≦)o




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