Day-12: When in Chengdu [flying back to SG!] 🛬

Day-12: When in Chengdu [flying back to SG!] 🛬

Sunday, 23rd September 2018,

Our flight back to Singapore has been disrupted by a heavy rain in the morning. It was ridiculous how China Air brought all the passengers by bus to the open space, and let us run through the heavy rain and flooding area (it was as high as adult’s ankle) from the bus to the plan staircase about 15 – 20m without any umbrella or such. For a four stars airline, this was a very big setback and I was very disappointed. None of crew run extra miles to give your best service to passengers, it was a POOR SERVICE! ╮( ̄~ ̄)╭

But moving on, here are some random pictures left from my phone.


                                        taken from (on the way to) the top of Potala

                              on the way to Namtso Lake, Yak’s dunks are very common to see

                                                                     water burial

                                                                                         me : Hands Up!!!

                                                            sheeps crossing the road…

                                                              local bus to Basong Lake

                                                   me chillin’ at Kharola Glacier

                                          yaks crossing the road…

                                                  on the way to Barkhor Street

                                                        Tibetan’s wild flowers


Enjoy and see you again on my next hols!!! °˖✧◝(*≧ω≦*)◜✧˖°







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