When in Hồ Chí Minh (Biz-Trip Oct’18)

When in Hồ Chí Minh (Biz-Trip Oct’18)

Monday, 15 Oct 2018.

I did some projects follow up to some clients on the previous Thursday and Friday, but I did not expect their rush in expecting us to get to HCMC that fast! So when the clients finally replied my emails on Saturday which I did not go to work and never noticed their emails, only in Monday morning my boss told me that I might need to go to HCMC with him on that night – on the same day.

So off we went that Monday and took the night flight. By the time we arrived in HCMC it was already almost 10PM. I could see our taxi passed by a super tall and colorful building called Landmark 81. But before talking about that charming tall guy, here’s my best shot I took during my short business trip, Bitexco Financial Tower.

Bitexco Sunset From Below
Bitexco Sunset From Below

Best-Looking Scrambled Egg
Best-Looking Scrambled Egg I’ve ever taken from the hotel! ❤

By the time we reached hotel it was already 10PM. I went out to check if I could take a probably good shot of the Landmark, but apparently their lighting went off at 10PM. There was no more luck left for me that night. I walked around a little bit, took my boss to nearby sport bar and back to hotel to rest. I had a hope that tomorrow I probably have bigger chance to take picture of the Landmark.

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018.

Today was still as sunny as yesterday.

We had client meeting at 10AM somewhere in District-1. Meeting was went well, luckily. I would say me and my boss was a good pair, we complete each other’s sentences very well. I think the clients were impressed by our presentation. But I’m not talking about my job here. After the meeting finished we went to a hidden-shabby-and-small Phở Resto just opposite the client’s office–which I didn’t take picture

Moving on. Our next meeting was 3PM at Saigon Centre Tower. We enjoyed our early tea breaks and the aircon of Saigon Centre Shopping Mall. And our meeting that time was even more productive compare to the previous one we had in the morning. And boy how it was a fancy office! In a tower of a lavish shopping mall in District-1. So here’s the pic I took from inside their office lobby;

Bitexco Tower From A Far
Bitexco Tower From Saigon Centre Tower

And I didn’t know the observation deck of Bitexco was that near from the office! So as soon as the meeting finished around 5:30PM, we rushed to that tower, which was only took me less than 10 minutes walking – from Saigon Centre Shopping Mall to Bitexco Financial Tower. The ticket to observation deck was 200,000 đồng (around SGD 12.50).

We stopped at in front of the tower because my boss needed to take an important call. And meanwhile I was there, looking up, the sky was pinkish-purple-ish color and the sunset color was reflected beautifully from the tower’s façade (see my first picture and tell me what do you think!)

And here are two best shots I took before the day went dark;

view from bitexco observation deck (2/2)

view from bitexco observation deck (1/2)

Fried Rice with Pork Skewers
Fried Rice with Pork Skewers; I have to admit this skewers were better than the one I had in Bali!

In short, after it went dark, we had dinner nearby and I went off to shop at Big-C near hotel. And that was it for today. I was quite satisfied with the meeting and pictures I took today.

Wednesday 17 Oct 2018.

Today was the longest day of this biz trip.

We went meeting at 10AM in client’s office not too far from hotel. The meeting went longer than what we were expecting. And we had to catch another meeting at 1:30PM, located at another district. By the time we finished our first meeting it was passed lunch hour. So we took bánh mì ốp la from Lá Coffee & Tea. It was surprisingly good!

Banh Mi Op La
Bánh Mì ốp La

And off we went for the site meeting! Luckily we weren’t late at the site meeting.

During the meeting it was raining cats and dogs, but the rain subsided just before the meeting ended. I took this one picture of the building starting to erect and turn it to black & white because it was classic and it won’t show you how messy it actually was.

site condition

The meeting was ended around 4:30PM, just about the right time because we needed to catch the flight back to Singapore by 8PM. So off we rushed to the airport.

And did you know, I had this unhealthy obsession with Landmark 81 Tower building I mentioned earlier? It just upset me how it was so difficult to take a beautiful picture of this tall guy just as beautiful as he is! The first night I arrived I literally wanted to jumped out of the taxi to take a perfect moment; the tower, the residential mid-rise towers as background and the crescent moon above it, but I called it off because it wasn’t a smart idea to jump outta taxi in busy highway.

So each day, every time the taxi drove me around the super-tall tower, my Xperia was ready to take another glimpse of him. Most of the shots wasn’t so nice because I took it inside a racing car. But I did my best and here are the best 4 shots taken from my Xperia.

Fyi, I would suggest if it’s possible for you to take picture of this handsome tower from Cầu Sài Gòn after the sunset, before his lights went off.

Landmark 91 from highway
1st attempt; How frustrating it is to take picture of this good-looking tower inside a racing taxi in a highway with those street lights being too bright!
Blue Landmark 81
2nd attempt; How I was SO captivated by this tall guy!!
Landmark 81 daytime
3rd attempt; A handsome tall building in a day time!
Colorful Landmark 81
4th attempt; This was how this building saying goodbye for me–on the way to airport 😥
Saigon Cocktail
This was how I ended my biz trip! :”D

And that was it for my short–and tiring–business trip. Night flight and another night flight, meeting and some more meetings, trying to get a good snap of Landmark 81, hotel in the middle of no where, and etc. I enjoyed the trip even tho it was super tiring, but hopefully it won’t be too often and next time probably I will have some more free times for myself to enjoy the city.


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