Day-4: When in Hạ Long [UniCharm Biking and back to Hà Nội] 🚲

Day-4: When in Hạ Long [UniCharm Biking and back to Hà Nội] 🚲

20th May 2019, it was still hot but a bit cloudy.

We woke up quite early this morning because we had to arrived at the southern-east part of the Cát Bà island to enjoy biking before the crowds came. We had our quick breakkie while the cruise speeding to Lan Hạ bay area. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I had bread with a tasty passion fruit juice, sat myself on the decking area outdoor while admiring the morning beauty of limestone mountains around me. Ann prefer to stay indoor with the aircon.


Our itinerary today was only morning bike, then we head back to Hà Nội in the afternoon. Me and Ann decided to have another massage at the same place as two days ago, once we arrived back in Hà Nội.

Landed on a small island, Mr. Binh let us had one bike each. The bike trip was included in our 2D1N cruise package. I was quite certain the biking trip was not only 30 minutes as it was said in the brochure! We had about 20-30 minutes biked along the lush greenery, paddy field, villages, and finally made our stop in an old shack. There Mr. Binh explained to us how the villagers make rice wine and sell it to the city. I tried their snake wine and honey wine, all was contain high alcohol and we still need to be sober and bike back! (☆_@)

After we all got not-too-drunk drunk, we hopped on our bikes and cycled back to our ferry location. All was fine and good until my tailbone injury made a scene! Back in 2017 at Gold Coast, Aussie, was the last scene when my tailbone injury made a very painful trauma to my body and paralyzed one of my leg, after 2 hours biking in the sea shore. The 10 minutes pain was excruciating that I couldn’t even scream for help and literally had to stop breathing every few seconds to endure the pain, I thought I was dying or worse. Thank God today wasn’t as bad as two years ago, only I had to dismount my bike and slowly walked following my group which probably already a kilo ahead of me. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ


Here’s a short history lesson for today;

Cát Bà Island has a surface area of 285 km2 (110 sq mi) and maintains the dramatic and rugged features of Hạ Long Bay. Historical name called Cac Ba Island means “Women’s Island” (Cac meaning all and Ba meaning women). Legend has it that many centuries ago, three women of the Tran Dynasty were killed and their bodies floated all the way to Cát Bà Island. Each body washed up on a different beach and all three were found by local fishermen. The residents of Cát Bà built a temple for each woman, and the island soon became known as Cát Bà. 

By 9 AM we already back on our lovely cruise, got freshened up, and cruise sped up back to Gia Luận Ferry Terminal. By the time the cruise slowed down the speed we had our brunch at 10AM. After another yet delicious and all-you-can-eat meals, we checked out, paid our bills for the yesterday’s happy hour and back to our shuttle to Hà Nội. \( ̄▽ ̄)/

And did you know, Game of Thrones season finale was out today? (S08E06). I did check several cafés and bars in Hà Nội; they played it today at 9AM – I was certainly still floating somewhere in Lan Hạ or Hạ Long. The replay was on 5PM – not too sure if the shuttle already reached back to Hà Nội. The next replay would be tomorrow 7PM – I would be in SG by then! Alas none of them had the perfect timing for me! .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.

I decided to stream online from my phone – a new Huawei I got 2 weeks ago! Yet another lonely GoT streaming for me, just like the rest of the episodes. And you know what. Even though this finale episode gave a lot of people a bitter disappointment but I did enjoy my 8 seasons journey in 3 weeks! o(〒﹏〒)o

Meanwhile, please enjoy and respect the proprietary of these pictures from Cát Bà Island.


Back in Hà Nội around 4PM, we only had 3 things in mind; tried that famous egg coffee, massage and enjoy Phở dinner.

There was a famous Egg Coffee near our hotel with 4.7 stars according to Google recommendation. So we walked there to the coffee shop, and it was only about 100m from our hotel. And apparently they also have Egg Cocoa, for people who don’t drink coffee – like me! We did enjoy sipping the thick drinks which actually looked more like dessert. It reminds me of my mom’s batter she made for her favorite cake. ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)

From the Egg Coffee we slowly walked to Orient Spa, the same massage place we had two days ago. Me and Ann went with same therapists, paid VND400k for a most-needed 90 hour aromatherapy massage. 90 minutes went way too fast when we had a very good therapist! Thanks to our therapists, our bodies restored and we were ready for our dinner. ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

Ann found this Phở 10 Lý Quốc Sư restaurant when I was attending a Mass, two days ago. We went there again because she said the soup was very yummy and she wanted to had it one more time before we left Vietnam tomorrow morning. They said the restaurant was overcrowded and overpriced, but we don’t mind. The restaurant was always full with hungry customers. All empty seats were immediately taken within seconds. The Youtiao (油条) was quite hard to bite, but it was much more yummy when dip into the soup. ♡(。- ω -)


And that was it for today! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

We had fun with morning bike. I did enjoy my last episode GoT on the shuttle back to Hà Nội. We both had yummy egg cocoa and egg coffee. 90 minutes well spent for full body massage. And yummy Phở for our last dinner in Hà Nội. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Tomorrow we will back to not-so-hot country of Lion City! Yayy!! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ





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