Day-1: When in Auckland [KIA ORA!] 🥡

Day-1: When in Auckland [KIA ORA!] 🥡

Friday, 9 Aug ’19, tenshi no koi 天使の恋

Both of us had lack of sleep on the plane. After spent 2 hours 45 minutes transit in Brisbane and fuelled ourselves with coffee and hot chocolate, we continued our 2 hours journey to Auckland. I had a slightly better sleep on the second flight, with the new app I downloaded yesterday “sleep sound” – to trick my brain into relax mode. (´-ω-`)

And finally,,,

Kia Ora!!!

this pic is totally filtered ~ LOL!!!


It was around 3PM by the time we landed in Auckland International Airport and had our luggage, a little bit spaced out and confused in how to go to the city centre. We decided to try the train from airport to the city centre since we didn’t have any plan on our first day. However it wasn’t easy to find the train ticket seller. We asked around and finally found out that no one is selling the ticket or the HOP ticket around the airport. In the end, we bought McD to comfort my confused tummy and to get small changes. (*´▽`*)

And so here we go: We patiently waited at the temporary bus stop nearby about 50m from the main exit of airport building. Bus #380 comes every 30 minutes. Hopped on the bus #380 bound to Manukau, via Papatoetoe and paid for NZ$3.50. The journey from airport to Papatoetoe bus stop was no more than 30 minutes. Alighted at the Papatoetoe bus stop, we walked about 100m to the Papatoetoe train station. Bought the train ticket to Britomart for NZ$7.50 via red or yellow line. Arrived at Britomart station we had to walk around 400m to our hotel in Wyndham street.

It was raining heavily so we bought brolly along the way to our hotel. By the time we checked in our hotel and dropped our heavy luggage filled with thick jackets, it was almost 7PM. Both of us were exhausted and just wanted to rest. But we also need to eat and most of the stores in AU were closed by 5PM. We slightly happy to see a Chinese resto opened near our hotel. We had our Chinese food there – but nope we didn’t take the food picture. ( ̄ヘ ̄)

After the food we back to our tiny room and rest. Tomorrow I’m going to meet my New-Zealander friend, Stef.



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