Day-3: When in Auckland [No Fly Today! :( Devonport Instead!] ⛵

Day-3: When in Auckland [No Fly Today! :( Devonport Instead!] ⛵

Sunday, 11 Aug ’19, sunny & windy.

So much for our sleepless night and woke up early on weekend just to received a phone call about our skydive; the itinerary was canceled due to bad weather. Such a heartbreaking morning news for both of us since we didn’t have any plan B. And this skydive was one of our must-do activity we were looking forward! ╮( ˘ 、 ˘ )╭

Thanks to Veron. She quickly suggested both of us to take our ferry ticket to Devonport – the ticket we weren’t so interested yesterday. So off we quickly rushed to Queen’s Wharf, changed our tickets and waited for the ferry at the Port 2.

The ferry took us just 12 minutes from Auckland’s port to beautiful Devonport. From the breathtaking sea and city views to the stunning beaches, boutique shopping, charming accommodation and café culture – it’s no wonder it’s rated one of the top spots to visit in Auckland.

“I’d give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter”


Devonport is a harbourside suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It is located on the North Shore, at the southern end of a peninsula that runs southeast from near Lake Pupuke in Takapuna, forming the northern side of the Waitematā Harbour. East of Devonport lies North Head, the northern promontory guarding the mouth of the harbour. This beautiful village also surrounded by the waters of the Waitemata Harbour. The two volcano cones boast some of the best look out points in Auckland.

We had fun checking out cute stores selling authentic local stones and jewelries, making jokes of which engineering or architecture companies are we going to send our cv at, enjoying the charming village and finally made our first stop to buy matching earrings. Mine was fish-hook shaped earrings. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

The fish hook of Maui (hei matau) signifies abundance & plenty, strength & determination, brings peace, prosperity & good health. It was also believe as a device for catching good lucks and positive energy, safe journey over water. It has a folklore like this;

In ancient Maori folklore the exploits of Maui (half God/half man) stand unrivaled. On one such adventure Maui stowed away in the waka (canoe) when his four older brothers departed on a fishing expedition. When they were far from land Maui revealed himself and convinced his brothers to paddle further out to the deepest sea where the fish would be in abundance.

With his enchanted fish hook which he had fashioned from the jawbone of his great grandmother, with its paua (abalone) shell eyes to see in the depths of the sea and tuft of a dog hair to keep the hook warm in the freezing depths and to retain the scent of the bait (blood from his nose) Maui cast his fishing line.

As soon as his hook descended to the ocean floor it was devoured by a giant fish. The ocean foamed and boiled as Maui struggled with all his strength to land the giant fish. Finally the fish yielded and floated to the surface.

Te Ika-a-Maui (the fish of Maui) more commonly known as the North Island of New Zealand had arisen in the South Pacific Ocean. Te Waka a Maui (the canoe of Maui) is knkown as the South Island and Steward Island is Te Punga a Maui (Maui’s anchor). 

I was sold! And I wore the earrings everyday during my holiday. I was so happy with my new earrings. (♡˙︶˙♡)


From there we made turn to New World Devonport to check out some more tea bits and souvenirs. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my extra bags to carry my groceries – they will charge us ¢50 for a plastic bag. We decided not to buy too many things since it was still mid day and we still had plenty places to go. ( ̄ε ̄@)

From the department store we departed separately. Veron wanted to hike higher to Takarunga or Mount Victoria while I just wanted to explore the village; making my ways to the Holy Trinity Church, turned to Navy Museum. But I decided to stop half kilo to the museum – it was too hot and too far and I should met Veron again back to the Victoria Road. I took plenty of pictures then walked along the beach at King Edward Parade back to the meeting point. ╰(*´︶`*)╯


Around 11 passed 10 we finally met at the meeting point and walked around to find our lunch. We stopped at an Italian restaurant, Peroni at The Esplanade Hotel not too far from the ferry port.

I ordered my yummy Salmon Risotto while Veron ordered her salad. She wasn’t so lucky to find one single hair on her salad plate. The waitress quickly took the salad back to the kitchen and within less than 10 minutes handed Veron a new salad plate. Only on this second salad plate Veron found 3 single hairs and she decided to skip her lunch. Poor her and I made a joke for her ‘hairy salad’. (o^▽^o)

I love the quiet time I had in Devonport. However we still have other places to visit today. So right after my risotto and Veron’s hairy salad we rushed back to the port and hoped on the ferry. We sailed back to Queen’s Wharf Auckland, dropped our heavy backpack in hotel, then enjoyed tea breaks – Veron’s late lunch at the Federal Delicatessen, just next to the Sky Tower. (@^◡^)


From the tea breaks we attended the Mass at the Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph in Wyndham street at 4:30PM. If you curious about the church and Mass timing you can check it out on my other blog (´。• ω •。`)

After the Mass we still had more than 2 hours for our next appointment; dinner at the Sky Tower. We took this offer from KLOOK; Orbit 360° dining at SkyCity Auckland. The offer cost us S$63.50 per person came with kumara bread as appetizer, watercress & potato soup entrée, main dish (I think I ordered beef) with big bowl of fries and salad, mango & passion fruit pavlova as dessert. Exclude wines. It wasn’t bad at all. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

We did enjoy the dinner very much; nice ambiancé with Auckland city as the view. It was raining heavily outside and we could heard the thunderstorm. However inside the Orbit Revolving Restaurant was still calm and quiet and we felt so safe even we were 222m away from the ground on level 52.


What a delightful dinner! However I would recommend to enjoy this revolving restaurant for lunch where you still can picture the city clearly. Dinner was more romantic, however. Not for dinner with friends~

And that was our very first Auckland wine. Both of us were looking forward for our wine tour tomorrow!!! (*≧ω≦*)



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