Day-1: When in Yogya [it was all started when…] ðŸšž

Day-1: When in Yogya [it was all started when…] ðŸšž

…… I had extra 5 weeks off after I left my previous job in mid Jan, and before my new job started in March. I initially just wanted to have one week back to my hometown to check out on my parents then head back to Singapore to be a homebound tourist (everything is expensive in Singapore especially if you’re jobless!). But thanks to the virus I was stuck in my home land for more than 4 weeks! (⇀‸↼‶)

What did I do during my holiday? Oh I really wished I could hopped on to trans-siberian train for a week or two, stayed for another two weeks in Москва and Petrograd, learned Cyrillic Alphabet, but instead I was too afraid going to the airport with strangers I wouldn’t know where they’re coming from – or maybe I’m just getting old and those non-sense anxiety started to hit my reality?

But really. What did I do during my holiday! I learned to cook few Indonesian and Thai dishes, chocolate pound cake and a failed loaf, hung out with a handful of friends (I’m quite picky in choosing friendship because not all deserves my time and attention – no I’m not gonna describe it any longer here), went shopping with my parents, watched Japanese tv series, and lastly but took most of my time was playing The Sims and blogged about it. (*¯︶¯*)v

So that Thursday afternoon, I had this impromptu thoughts of getting out from my hometown and explore another city, like Yogyakarta, for example. I’ve been there many times with my parents but haven’t really got  a chance to explore the city. And luckily I had a friend who said yes to that! ヽ(≧◡≦)八(o^ ^o)ノ


Cyn, my quick-witted friend, booked the train and a car rent for us, while I booked the hotel at Sosrowijayan street. The hotel was only S$20 per night, and comes with breakfast, so it was not bad at all. And apparently only walking distance from the train station and the famous Malioboro street.

Monday, 17th Feb 2020, drizzling.

The weather wasn’t so friendly lately. And unfortunately the train didn’t take me to either 北京 or Москва. It was – however – gave us a beautiful sight from our hometown to Yogyakarta. It was passed 4PM when we finally arrived at our hotel and dropped out bags. We then quickly called a grab and head to our first destination; Gubug Mang Engking @ Soragan Castle. Sadly to say, for me it was just a cute castle from the outside. They were having renovation so they escorted us to the next lesehan restaurant. ( ̄︿ ̄)

We couldn’t get what we were looking for at that restaurant and it was already almost 6PM. We had to think fast and get our dinner. After Cyn asked around, we finally decided to check out Loko Cafe walking distance from our hotel. But then again, there was nothing special at that cafe. ( ̄ヘ ̄)


We decided to head back hotel after dinner because we had to wake up quite early the next day. And we will explore temples and other interesting things around Yogyakarta.

So, またね ! ( ´ ▽ ` )


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