Day-2: Cruise To Nowhere [Arriving at: Nowhere] ❓

Day-2: Cruise To Nowhere [Arriving at: Nowhere] ❓

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, sunny again.

Early in the morning while my friends were enjoying their k-pop dance class at the Seaplex (same place as where I had the bumper cars), I was queuing for flowrider. I was quite disappointed few days before boarding after finding out there were no karaoke lounge, no escape room, no archery class, i-fly and spa were not FOC. So I thought, I must try out this fun free activities so I could enjoy my holiday to the max. (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

But truth was, I was not fully prepared for the flowrider. So I didn’t go for it. But to make your life easier, I have made a list what to prepare before you’re heading against the gushing water on a tiny plastic board. Now go to my day-3!

day and night


After spent an hour queuing for nothing, I decided to go back indoor and find my friends. We played laser hockey at the second floor of Seaplex, FOC, but we need to queue to get the slot. I can’t remember what else did we do that afternoon, but most likely after pizza we just chill at the balcony, read kindle or played with our phones, and had our dinner at the Main Dining Room.

Later that day we found out that cocktails made by Aunty Han at the Vintage bar (next to Sarpino’s pizza) was amazing. You should find out Aunty Han’s schedule and ask her cocktails recommendation. She can make anything for you but remember cocktails are not FOC.

In the evening we dressed up a little bit and attended jazz live performance at Two-Seventy Bar. Tell me what’s better than a bunch of good-looking guys with saxophone playing live jazz! Just remember during this covid restriction to always booked everything in advance – they have limited seats capacity – and ensure you arrive at the location earlier than the schedule.

That was all for my Day-2.

I’ll tell you again tomorrow if I had the gut to do flowrider. (*/▽\*)



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