Day-3: Cruise To Nowhere [Last seen: Nowhere] ðŸ§­

Day-3: Cruise To Nowhere [Last seen: Nowhere] ðŸ§­

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, chasing the sun.

Today, ciMel successfully convinced me to do flowrider. She even offered herself to come with me to take some pictures and videos. Thanks ciMel! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Here are some tips before you join an hour queue under the sun and getting ready to be thrown away by the water:

  1. Get a free towel from the Solarium or bring your own towel. No ones want to go around the ship soaking wet.
  2. Wear something tight, comfortable, and won’t easily get detached from your body due to the water force. For guys, try not to wear lose trunks. One-piece wetsuit would be fine, unless you want to show off your abs then wear something tight like diving pants. For ladies, please do NOT wear bikinis. If that’s the only swimsuit you have, then make sure you wear shirt on top of it. One-piece wetsuit or diving suits is highly recommended.
  3. Queuing time would take an hour. Remember to put some uv lotion on, wear cap if necessary – you can remove before jumping on your plastic board.
  4. Bring along your friend to take pictures/video when you’re ridiculously trying hard to figure out how to remain stable squatting on a tiny floating board and being thrown away by the evil water force.
  5. Answer weird questions asked by the staff before join the queue: Can you touch your toes while standing up? And do you have low blood pressure?


sadly, I lost all the videos!


But before I managed to gather all the courage to be thrown away by the water, I had breakfast at Windjammer and went for a calm and relaxing yoga class early in the morning, at the Fitness Centre. Again, we must booked this class since they only have limited capacity – there were only less than 15 people in a 30 minutes free class.

In the afternoon we chilled at Solarium and had more cocktails while soaking our eyes in the blue deep ocean view. Late afternoon we joined k-pop dance class at the Seaplex – would be the first one for me, and second for the girls.


On the Day-4,

We landed back on lion land, after 3 nights spent at nowhere. Surely we had fun. But after more than two months later when I wrote this post, I can’t remember much what we did on the cruise other than having pizza at Sorrento’s or buffet at the Windjammer. (*/▽\*)

So I guess that’s it for my Cruise To Nowhere story.

Not 100% sure if the border will open by end of the year, but see you again on my next holiday!



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