Flower Dome : Lilitopia, Gardens By The Bay

Flower Dome : Lilitopia, Gardens By The Bay

Since i never want to go to work on my birthday, i took leave today and decided to have a great time with myself.  I started with waking up so late. After I had my rainbow cake my colleague bought me yesterday for breakfast, off I went to Shaw Theater to watch Angry Birds. The movie wasn’t so bad, and it has a beautiful moral story.

Around 3PM, I decided to make a move to Gardens By The Bay. They were having Lily shows, called Lilitopia. I am not a fans of Lily, but I am certainly fans of all flowers and animals (I guess). So here are the pictures I took with my Sony phone.


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Two Heroes on The Plane!

Two Heroes on The Plane!

OK,, so finally i decided to write here. this is a true story of mine which i hope someday my story will reach the person who has saved my life. from the deep of my heart, i would like to say million thanks to them. this story taken from my other blog, and reposted here with some edited. here we go.

for the first time in my life–and i promise you it won’t be the last–i went to Japan. i was so excited to finally start my world exploration and also to fill one of my bucket list; church hopping during my holiday in any countries. but too bad none of my friends wanted to visit the church with me. so i decided to go one day earlier than them; visit the church, walk around the town, took train to neighborhood small town, basically had my very own solo day. that’ll be fun, won’t it? even though it means i had to lie to my parents–-mom would be strongly disagree if i traveled solo.

11 Nov 14, i checked the time every 5 minutes, i couldn’t concentrate at work. at 6 PM sharp, i rushed to get a cab and off to changi. i remember the cab driver asked me why i was in rush, my flight was still in 3.5 hours later, i could’ve had my dinner around my office. but i told him, i don’t want to be trapped in a traffic jam. anyway changi is a beautiful airport it has a lot of good restaurants too so i don’t have to worry about my dinner.

arrived at the airport, i called my mom. we skyped almost an hour. and she kept on asking me ‘where were your two friends?’ but i lied to her, they were still stuck in the traffic jam-–it’s peak hour. i never lied to my mom–-not until now-–because i didn’t want her to worry about me. and hey it’s Japan! i will surely be safe in that country. nothing could possibly go wrong, right? anyway it’s just one solo day, not a big deal.

after skyped with mom and had my cheese cake for dinner, i still had few extra minutes before boarding. i don’t like rushing for things, i’m a very punctual person. i cherished few last minutes at this beautiful airport, had my feet massaged before my flight took me from changi to kuala lumpur airport. from KLIA, i had 2 transit hours, chatted with mom and with some other friends, joked around, and ensured them i will have a hella fun in the land of the rising sun.

around 1 AM the plane took me from KLIA to kansai international airport. i didn’t have enough sleep since few nights ago because i was overwhelmed with the excitement of going solo to Japan. so that’s why i thought i must be really tired and my brain was still so active it wouldn’t allow me to sleep. or maybe because the girl sitting next to me was snoring too loud next to my ear.

i felt cold on my feet up to my neck, and uneasy in my stomach. i tried so hard to ignore it twice, and thought it must be just wind or too tired or my gastric. i remember i asked God to gave me at least 3 hours black-out so i’ll have enough energy to enjoy my solo day, or maybe move me to the business class so i could enjoy my beauty sleep there-–lol. i could feel something was wrong with my body but i didn’t know what.

it must be more than hundred times i pleaded my brain to take a rest, i didn’t want to be a zombie in my solo day. but the coldness in my body, uneasy in my stomach, dizziness, there must be something was wrong with my body but i didn’t know what. when the cold feeling stroke me the third time and my stomach went worse-–as i wanted to vomit, i thought maybe i should get up and asked the flight attendant for nausea pill or something. by the time i was standing up from my chair, i suddenly felt like a hammer hit my head, my body shivering and my stomach was very painful it went much worse than i thought. lucky i sat only few rows near to the pantry area–-where i heard the cabin crews was chattering.

i managed to drag myself to the pantry, and grab the crew’s left hand who was standing at the door near to me. i didn’t have more energy left, i whispered to her “help me, i don’t feel so good.” And after finished that sentence, my knees couldn’t support me anymore. the cabin crew lady (the one I grabbed her hand for a help) helped me lying on the plane floor.

i must be around 2 or almost 3 AM. i was shivering even though the crews already put 2 thick blanckets over me. my head was going to explode, i wanted to vomit, my stomach was killing me. the crews were panicking and running around the plane quietly trying their best not to wake up the other passangers. one of the crew put oxygen on my face, but it didn’t help since my breathing was fine. another crew said i must have a high blood pressure (but i am sure i wasn’t) and he was trying to find me medicine for that. i felt like i was in a drama movie–a very dramatic scene where i had many flashback memories and felt so guilty because my mom didn’t even know what was happening to me. i really hope the plane would landed somewhere and rush me to the hospital, but that didn’t happen.

so i believe you can imagine how was the scene: i was lying on the floor with 2 thick jackets over my body and oxygen on my face. i couldn’t move, all my nerves felt like fall asleep, i couldn’t even open my eyes. but as i was lying there, totally aware with my sorroundings and i could hear announcement made in both English and Japanese, asking if there is any doctor on the plane. and thank God–there was a doctor on the plane!

i know i’m a lucky person, but this one is more than just luck. the doc said i was food poisoned and he gave me something looked like diluted charcoal. after i drank it the pain in my stomach went from ‘really really hurt’ to ‘really-really-really i mean, REALLY HURT that it glued my body to the floor–-i couldn’t even move my body. what’s going on with me! this isn’t my time!!

this one cabin crew lady–the one i grabbed her left hand, she never left me. she was sitting on the floor next to me, talked to me softly trying to keep me awake. i was in pain but she make me feel  so calm and i know everything’s going to be alright.

after almost one agonizing hour i drank the charcoal, the pain was almost gone. i had enough energy to stand up, and the cabin crew lady helped me move from the economy class (floor) to the business class (with retainer chair!!). there, again, God granted me with my 3 hours beauty-black-out in business class before the plane landed in Osaka.

i had another 30 minutes black-out on the train from kansai airport to the hotel. and when i woke up, i felt my energy was so full and i felt oh so healthy again! i went to the Tamatsukuri Cathedral (it was my very first intention for this solo trip!). and that was it, i didn’t go anywhere else, but i kept my promise to go Tamatsukuri Cathedral even though it was under renovation. but i already asked God to invite me again after the renovation finished–-and i know He will grant my wish again! 😉

so here i am now back in Singapore alive, healthy and still the same cheerful person as i was before. but there is a thing that i really regret, which is i didn’t say thank you to the doctor who saved my life and i didn’t say enough thank you to the Malay cabin crew lady as well. i didn’t know their names, nor remember their face. so if only this post somehow could reach my two heroes and if only God granted me for one more wish, i wish i could meet the person who saved my life once again to express my gratitude. ありがとうございました、!

– Priscilla –







2 years celebration.

2 years celebration.

so this is exactly the 2 years since the first time i stomped my feet at the lion city. and to be honest,, that was love at the first sight.

when i looked around, i noticed all the trees and grass are all green. and it was literally greener on the other side! everything was so nice here : the local people was so warm and helpful, the services was quick and satisfying, anywhere i go, everything was clean (that was before i visited hawker), i can see people queuing in a good manner, even though i’m not really a sing’s foodie, but to know that smoking and gums are banned, those were really make me agree; this is the place where i belong!

i do enjoying my life here: i make a lot of friends, i like my jobs, my colleagues and i adore my bosses (in a professional way), i like my condo, basically i like everything i have here. i really appreciate them, and can’t thanking enough to God.


let’s be honest. after i visited the land of the rising sun on last nov, everything has changed. what ever good things i see in this lion city, they have it twice or triple better. and i do want to move there for good.

i know that the fun part of life is when you entering a new territory and betting yourself to survive there. but as i always tell to myself, changing job is a matter of gambling. especially if you are already like all about your current job; job desk, colleagues and bosses. you will either got a better one (i wish!) or a worse one. i still need some times to really think whether or not i move to a new place for the sake of my curiosity, youthfulness, and another love at the first sight while i still like being here, OR stay in this comfort zone, cuz my mom strongly disagree about the idea i’m going further away from her.


the girl on this pic is not me! ;)
the girl on this pic is not me! 😉


10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back

10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back

found this post from someone’s blog. the girl who wrote this post has amazingly written exactly the same thing going on in my head!

Moving around the world teaches you many things. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what we do. Packing up all your things into two carry-on bags and two checked pieces of luggage is struggles in itself, and to generalize imagine being a woman! I could only bring 10 pairs of shoes! Your mother will go through that luggage and make you narrow it down to seven cardigans instead of 17 and she will remind you that those shorts still don’t fit and haven’t fit for 3 years, you should probably just let them go. Along with letting those shorts go you are also letting go of friendships, relationships, comfort.

A wise man told me that the reason we move to new countries is because we are either running from or running to something. I laughed and thought he was crazy. I just wanted a change; there was no rationale to my choice. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right. I wasn’t just running from something, I was sprinting as far as I could. What I didn’t realize was that this choice has now started the foundation of my future. Just like a tattoo, that first little taste and you want more and more. No turning back.

1. Freedom. A new sense of freedom. Freedom to do and go as I please. Freedom to travel. Freedom to make choices without a safety net. Freedom to be yourself.

2. Watching your life at home pass by. Birthdays come and go. Marriages. Deaths. Life doesn’t stop and wait for you.

3. Math skills strengthen as you are always trying to convert your local currency to your home country. You know it is even better when you convert your new currency to your previous country. Everything is still in pesos for me.

4. Communication. Responding to someone in any language but the language they are speaking.

5. Stories. The stories you will have to tell for the rest of your life are so unbelievable most people will think you are exaggerating. Hospitals. Airports. Dentists. You try getting your point across in any means possible. And do I mean ANY means possible.

6. You realize little holidays and moments you didn’t think mattered are the ones that make you the most homesick.

7. Growth. As much as you hate to admit it with each move you grow. You learn the best ways to pack, meet new friends, get around, and survive.

8. Adrenaline. Those thrill seekers jumping off canyons and out of airplanes have nothing compared to boarding a plane and traveling to an unknown place. Not knowing anyone. Not knowing your surroundings. Not knowing the language. Now that is a real adrenaline rush.

9. Patience. Realizing no one understands you. No one cares. Ordering food, getting in a taxi and normal every day tasks take patience. Nothing is ever easy. A 10-minute task at home will take you 60 minutes. Accept it.

10. Having to say hello for the first time and having to say goodbye for the final time. Not many people get to experience this, but I have perfected it. This could quite possibly be the hardest and most dreaded part of my life.

Start slow, go to a new place. Alone. Go to a city by yourself. Go on a vacation, alone. Throw yourself out there. Your own sink or swim. When you begin to panic and want to go home that is when your fight or flight will kick in. That true inner strength will shine through. You will fight it out and you will thank yourself later. I know I did. TC mark

How to Go to Johor Bahru

How to Go to Johor Bahru

so we’re having this long weekend,, me and my friends decided to go to JB in one day. actually my friend had a brilliant idea of going to KLSM (KL Shopping Mall?), Lego Land, then JB City Square. but i was pretty sure we don’t have that much time to go to several places in one day. and truth is, i was right.

we met up around 8:30am at kranji MRT station. then we had to line up in this such a long queue of bus no.170. we can also take bus no.950 from kranji. we queued up for about 1 hour because it was the first day of lebaran and long weekend,, so there are many people want to go to JB. not a perfect time to visit JB actually. but lucky us,, we got a seat!

from kranji mrt station to check point was only about 15 minutes. we stopped and went to the immigration office to get our passport chopped. then we had to queue for another 1 hour for a bus from immigration office singapore to the johor bahru’s custom. we can take any bus to go to the custom. and there was traffic jam-obviously! it was almost 1 hour from the check point to the custom. we stopped at the custom, and queued for 1 more hour to get our passport chopped once again. then we just followed the direction to JB city square.

it was almost mid day when we finally arrived at the city square. very tired, very hungry, and i wanted to pee so bad. -.-”

SDC10119 DSCN2302

the first thing we did when we finally arrived at the city square,, is looking for a restroom. which is not easy enough to found it. then we had lunch at el migos. idk what’s wrong with that restaurant. the waitress seemed she’s not sure about how many slices are there in the pizza we ordered, and what we really wanted to ordered. i had to explain 3 times to her. then another waiter came up with my friend’s bread and some kind of cheese dip. he brought it to us without a tray. then the bread fell off to our table. then he almost took it, but he didn’t. awkward situation.

anyway,, we went around the shopping mall after the awkward lunch. we had baskin & robins. circling around the shopping mall,, took some photos. there was a cute small garden. then there was a unique korean restaurant : it has a lot of toilets as your seat. unique one! 🙂 then we decided to watch RIPD. after the movie, we had dinner at Soul Garden,, it’s an all-you-can-eat korean restaurant. stoked.

then we went home by bus at 8pm. there was no crazy traffic jam as this morning. it was only about 5-10 minutes from the JB custom to singapore’s check point. we had our passport chopped again. then another 5-10 minutes from check point to choa chu kang mrt. i stopped at choa chu kang. my friends continues their journey to jurong east with the same direct bus (170).

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-3 : Singapura)

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-3 : Singapura)

bulan desember 2012 di kampung halamannya itu, membuat hatinya terketuk untuk memutar kemudi pekerjaannya dan kembali ke dunia arsitektur. sebuah cerita drama dari thailand berjudul “Dear Gallileo”, sebuah drama serial korea berjudul “Winter Sonata” beberapa film dan iklan dari National Geographic, yang entah bagaimana berkali-kali seolah-olah mengajaknya kembali ke dunia arsitektur yang telah lebih dari tiga tahun ia tinggalkan. belum lagi beberapa orang yang tidak terlalu akrab, yang mendadak mendatanginya untuk menawari pekerjaan menjadi seorang arsitek. hal inilah yang membuatnya mengambil keputusan bulan untuk tidak lagi menjalani karir di dunia perbankan.

wanita muda ini menghabiskan masa liburan bulan desembernya untuk belajar kembali arsitektur; menuntaskan bacaan buku FDK Ching, membuka dan mengingat kembali kertas-kertas gambar A1 dari masa kuliahnya dulu, kembali melatih sketsa gambarnya, hingga memperbaiki CV dan di akhir bulan desember mulai mengirimkan lamaran pekerjaan ke beberapa perusahaan arsitektur.

sebagai seseorang yang selalu haus akan tantangan dan pengalaman baru, ia pun memutuskan untuk mencari pekerjaan arsitektur bukan di jakarta, karena ibu kota sudah cukup membuat dirinya stress, bukan juga di bandung, karena ia telah puas menjelajahi kota wisata tersebut selama lebih dari empat tahun, terlebih lagi bukan di tegal, kota kelahirannya yang masih menurutnya kota tersebut terlalu kecil bagi orang dengan ambisi sedemikian besar. ia pun melayangkan surat lamaran pekerjaannya ke negeri singa.

sekalipun kakak lelakinya menyangsikan kemungkinan ia diterima bekerja di negeri singa, namun tidak ada sedikitpun ragu baginya. dan hal tersebut tidak membuatnya berubah pikiran. mungkin lebih dari dua puluh lamaran ia layangkan melalui internet, tiap harinya. jumlah yang banyak sekali, tentunya. tapi baginya, semakin banyak surat yang ia layangkan, maka semakin besar pula lah kemungkinan yang dapat ia peroleh.

dari ratusan surat lamaran yang ia layangkan sejak akhir bulan desember 2012, total hanyalah 5 surat elektronik balasan yang ia terima. surat pertama yang ia terima, mengharuskannya berangkat ke negeri singa satu hari setelah surat tersebut ia terima, yang mana sangatlah mendadak dan mustahil baginya. empat surat lainnya adalah surat panggilan wawancara kerja yang tidak berujung kejelasan tempat dan waktunya.

namun di suatu siang dua puluh satu januari 2013, ketika ia telah kembali ke pekerjaannya di bidang sumber daya manusia, ia menerima panggilan telepon dari nomor asing berkodekan enam puluh lima. telepon itu menjanjikan padanya akan suatu wawancara kerja melalui telepon untuk pagi hari kamis, 24 januari 2013 pukul 10:00. dengan yakin dan segera ia pun mengiyakan janji wawancara telepon tersebut.

hari kamis pagi itu, pukul 8:00 ia telah bangun dan menyiapkan diri. tidak lupa segalanya ia awali dengan berdoa, agar disertai dengan berkat dan kemudahan, jikalau memang inilah jalan yang dibukakan baginya. sebelum pukul sepuluh, ia telah duduk di depan telepon genggamnya, teramat sangat siap menerima panggilan telepon untuk wawancara pertamanya tersebut. di luar dugaannya, wawancara melalui telepon itu membuahkan hasil. ia pun diminta untuk mengikuti wawancara kedua, yakni tatap muka di negri singa. tanpa pikir panjang, ia meyakinkan si penelepon bahwa minggu depan ia akan terbang ke singapura.

amarah dan keraguan muncul di benak orang tua dan kakaknya. bagi mereka, ia telah sangat gegabah dengan membuat keputusan sedemikian besar seorang diri, yang mana seharusnya dipertimbangkan masak-masak terlebih dahulu. namun keyakinan telah bulat di tangannya. ia sangat ingin mengambil kesempatan ini, sebelum orang lain mendapatkannya. dan bagi seorang berkepribadian tegas dan berani sedari dulu, maka tidak ada suatupun yang mampu menghalangi keputusannya.

maka berangkatlah ia ke negeri singa, ditemani oleh sang ibunda. subuh sebelum pukul tiga sebelum matahari terbit, mereka berangkat menuju bandara. jam sudah menunjukkan pukul sepuluh pagi hari, ketika akhirnya mereka tiba di negri singa. sebuah daratan baru yang belum pernah mereka pijak sebelumnya.

setibanya mereka di bandara changi, mereka melanjutkan perjalanan menuju kantor tempat ia akan menghadapi wawancara, dengan berkendara kereta dan disambung dengan taksi lokal. wawancara kerja dimulai pukul 1:30 siang, dan berlangsung sekitar dua jam lamanya. sang ibunda dengan setia menunggu di lantai bawah. sementara wawancara berlangsung dengan cukup lancar, terbesit sebuah pemikiran di benaknya, bahwa betapa inginnya ia tinggal lebih lama di kantor ini, bahwa betapa inginnya ia tidak meninggalkan negeri singa.

sore hari itu di tempat penginapan bersama dengan sang ibunda, mereka mengalami serangan kelelahan yang luar biasa, akibat perjalanan panjang dan insomnia sejak sehari yang lalu. perasaan galau pun mulai menyelimutinya di kala senja itu. bagaimana kalau ia tidak mendapatkan pekerjaan tersebut? bagaimana kalau ternyata wawancaranya tidak semulus yang ia kira? bagaimana kalau ia masih harus kembali ke pekerjaannya di bidang sumber daya manusia? bagaimana kalau mau tidak mau, suka tidak suka, ia harus kembali ke jakarta dan mengulangi stress yang dialaminya? bagaimana kalau semua ini hanyalah uang dan waktu dan tenaga terbuang secara percuma?

begitu banyak kengerian yang ia bayangkan. namun sore itu, sebelum pukul enam waktu indonesia bagian barat, telepon genggamnya berdering, panggilan dari nomor asing berawalkan enam puluh lima. sebuah panggilan yang membuatnya melonjak kegirangan : bahwa ia diminta untuk kembali ke kantor tersebut keesokan harinya, untuk menandatangani kontrak kerja. sontak ia berteriak kegirangan setelah telepon ditutupnya. tangis bahagia pun meledak saat ia berpelukan dengan sang ibunda yang selama ini telah menyertainya bukan hanya secara fisik, pun juga dengan doa-doanya.

maka dimulailah kisah perantauan nya di negeri singa.

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-2 : Jakarta)

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-2 : Jakarta)

namun demikian, keberuntungan masih berada di pihaknya. pertengahan bulan juni 2010, di bulan ketiga ia bekerja sebagai seorang sales person, tawaran pekerjaan datang lagi dari sebuah bank asing campuran inggris-hongkong, yang mana bertempat di kantor pusat, jakarta. maka berangkatlah ia ke ibu kota.

ada sebuah perasaan galau menyertai kepindahannya dari bandung ke jakarta. bandung, yang selama ini dikenalnya sebagai kota yang indah dan nyaman untuk ditinggali, dan tidak pernah terbesit sedikitpun ia akan meninggalkan kota yang ia cintai ini demi membanting tulang di ibu kota. namun seperti itulah jalan yang harus ia tempuh. sekalipun air mata jatuh berderai, namun kepindahan ke kota jakarta tidak bisa lagi ia elak.

tinggal di ibu kota bukanlah hal yang mudah. dengan tingkat polusi yang tinggi, tingkat stress yang tinggi, tingkat kriminalitas yang tinggi, sedemikian banyaknya hal yang ia tidak sukai. sekalipun hampir tiga bulan ia berusaha menikmati tempat tinggal barunya di ibu kota, patah kata demi patah kata terus saja ia katakan untuk dirinya sendiri, bahwa kelak ia akan menikmati semuanya ini : kepindahan di jakarta, tempat tinggal baru, pekerjaan baru, teman-teman baru, dan lain sebagainya.

bulan desember 2010 datang terlalu lama baginya. begitu ingin ia meninggalkan jakarta. bukan karena betapa ia rindu akan kampung halamannya, melainkan betapa ia sebenarnya hanya ingin melarikan diri dari segala tekanan yang ia rasakan selama enam bulan ia tinggal di jakarta. namun hari demi hari, minggu demi minggu, bulan demi bulan, tahun demi tahun.. sekalipun ia telah berusaha seribu kali melamar perkerjaan ke bank lain, namun jodoh masih tidak mau memisahkannya dari bank asing campuran inggris-hongkong tersebut.

satu setengah tahun lamanya ia mengenyam pekerjaan di bagian sumber daya manusia, pertama kalinya adalah di area sistem. ia tidak pernah menyukai atasannya, pun pekerjaannya. setiap pagi hanyalah memaksakan diri untuk menyeret langkah ke kantor. setiap sore hanyalah menunggu waktu pulang kantor jam 5 petang. setiap malam hanyalah menangis meratapi stress yang menghinggapinya. dan begitulah setiap hari yang harus ia jalani satu setengah tahun lamanya.

bulan ke delapan belas pun datang dengan cukup lama. kali ini keberuntungan yang telah lama meninggalkannya, datang kembali menghampirinya. ia mendapatkan lowongan untuk pindah dari area sistem, ke area contact center. sebuah dunia baru lagi yang ia harus rambah. berjibun ilmu lagi yang dapat ia timba. sebuah tantangan baru lagi yang menghadangnya. ia cukup senang dengan suasana baru ini. pekerjaan yang tidak membosankan, rekan kerja baru dan atasan baru. sekalipun berjuta kali pekerjaan ini mengujinya untuk menjadi orang yang sangat sabar, mau tidak mau hal ini sedikit banyak telah mengubah pribadinya menjadi lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

bulan ke tiga puluh pun datang. sekali lagi ia mendapatkan tawaran lebih baik di tempat kerjanya, yang masih menurut atasannya, pekerjaan ini dapat membuatnya untuk berkembang lebih baik, memberi lebih banyak peluang untuk kenaikan pangkat di perusahaan tersebut. sebuah janji yang sama, yang ia dapati  di tahun lalu, yang hanyalah kosong belaka pada kenyataannya. namun ada suatu hal yang sangat mengganjal baginya kali ini : pekerjaan ini menaruhnya kembali di bawah atasan yang tidak ia sukai, atasan yang sama seperti ketika ia masih bekerja di area sistem, dua tahun yang lalu.

di bulan ke tiga puluh itu, bulan desember 2012, ia mendapat serangan stress yang cukup hebat. hanya 4 hari lamanya ia masuk kerja di bulan desember, karena sisanya ia habiskan untuk beristirahat di rumah kosan nya, dikarenakan serangan berbagai penyakit sekaligus. penyakit yang sangat sering menghampirinya setiap kali ia menghadapi stress berat : maag dan anemia. bulan desember itu ia habiskan banyak untuk merenung. ia pun pulang kembali ke kampung halamannya untuk merayakan Natal dan memulihkan diri dari sakit.

….. bersambung –> Kisah Perantauan (bagian-3)

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-1 : Bandung)

Kisah Perantauan (bagian-1 : Bandung)

kisah perantauan ini dimulai ketika masa sma seorang wanita muda telah selesai. sama sekali tidak nampak sedikit pun ketakutan ataupun keraguan pada wajah wanita muda ini ketika pengumuman kelulusan diumumkan. sekalipun tidak mengharap banyak, namun ia cukup yakin bahwa nilainya sudah cukup di ambang batas kelulusan. baginya, hal yang paling menyenangkan dari kelulusan adalah, meninggalkan kota kelahirannya. meninggalkan kota kecil yang tidak menjanjikan sebuah masa depan cerah.

kota baru. pengalaman baru. suasana baru. lingkungan baru. teman-teman baru. bagi wanita muda ini adalah sebuah kebahagiaan. itulah keputusan yang telah bulat ia buat, ketika ia masih muda dan dengan yakin akan memulai kisah perantauannya menjauhi kota kelahirannya.

berbekal nilai rapornya yang cukup bagus, ia pun dapat menembus masuk mata kuliah arsitektur di sebuah universitas swasta ternama di bandung, melalui jalur PMDK. perjalanan kuliahnya tidak selalu mulus. ia pun harus menghadapi satu semester terlambat dibandingkan dengan teman-teman seangkatannya.

pernah suatu ketika ia berjanji pada dirinya sendiri, bahwa ia tidak ingin mempunyai sebuah masa pengangguran. ia ingin memaksimalkan waktunya untuk mencari kerja. maka dari itulah, kerja paruh waktu pun ia lakoni di tahun terakhir kuliahnya. empat tahun setengah ia mengenyam pendidikan arsitektur. sebuah bidang studi yang terkadang ia sukai, dan terkadang ia benci. tapi empat tahun setengah cukup baginya untuk membekali diri di masa depannya yang masih terbentang panjang.

dua bulan sebelum pengumuman kelulusannya, ia pun mendapatkan tawaran kerja di sebuah biro konsultan kecil-kecilan di bandung. tanpa pikir panjang, ia pun menyambar kesempatan tersebut. dua bulan lamanya ia bekerja menjadi seorang drafter. bukanlah suatu pekerjaan yang sebenarnya ia minati. bahkan sejujurnya ia pun tidak menyukai kolega di tempatnya ia bekerja. teringat kembali akan pengalaman pahit yang pernah ia rasakan di masa kuliahnya, perlahan-lahan ia pun mulai membenci bidang yang telah empat setengah tahun lamanya ia dalami di universitas tersebut. ia pun teringat akan kakak lelakinya yang tengah bekerja di sebuah bank swasta asing, dan tertarik mencoba peruntungan di bidang perbankan.

keberuntungan menyertainya. dua bulan setelah mengenyam pekerjaan menjadi seorang drafter, ia pun mendapatkan tawaran kontrak sebagai representative sales person di sebuah bank asing campuran india-inggris. hampir tiga bulan lamanya sampai ia akhirnya menyadari betapa ia bukanlah seseorang yang cocok di bidang tersebut, berdasarkan latar belakang pendidikan dan kepribadiannya.

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